The State of Skills 2021:

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The State of Skills report is available as a PDF in Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French.

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Supply and demand for skills

Which new skills, if any, would you like to learn?

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Where do you think the most up to date data about your skills exists, if anywhere?

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COVID-19 is endangering workforce skills

COVID has accelerated the need for me to acquire new skills.

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My employer has reduced upskilling opportunities compared to pre-COVID levels.

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When, if at all, do you believe your core job skills will be obsolete?

It’s not just skills at risk — it’s people, communities, and businesses

When you don't feel confident in your skills, how, if at all, does this impact you?

If my employer doesn't invest in me and my skills development, I will be more likely to leave my job.

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My employer is more likely to make redundancies than reskill workers or move them to another department.

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